WWE Superstar Ember Moon to Play Dungeons & Dragons at Gen Con

WWE Superstar Ember Moon will be participating in a livestreamed Dungeons & Dragons session hosted by tabletop miniature terrain maker Dwarven Forge. Professional wrestler Ember Moon has faced countless challenges in her storied wrestling career - battling wrestlers like Asuka and Shayna Baszler during her WWE career. In a few weeks, Moon will be stepping out of the wrestling ring and into a new challenge - a travel through a hellscape designed by Dwarven Forge. The famous miniature terrain maker is hosting its annual Gen Con live stream event on Saturday, August 3rd, with Moon joining voice actress Erika Ishii, D&D personality Satine Phoenix, and Dwarven Forge founder Stefan Pokorny in a D&D game DMed by Dwarven Forge chief creative officer Nate Taylor. The session will show off Dwarven Forge's fantastic Hellscape terrain and will play out in front of a live audience.

Moon is an avid D&D fan and plays in UpUpDownDown's "Rollout" D&D campaign alongside a cast of fellow WWE wrestlers. Moon has also recently appeared on D&D's official Dragon Talk podcast to discuss her D&D fandom. Back in 2016, Moon mentioned she played as a dragonborn elemental monk, which is fitting given that monks are the closest thing D&D has to a professional wrestling class.


Both Moon and Dwarven Forge are in the middle of a successful summer. Moon is set to challenge for the Smackdown Women's Championship at Summerslam next month, while Dwarven Forge recently wrapped up a successful Kickstarter in which the company raised over $1.2 million for its new Hellscape terrain, which features stunning lavaflows and fiery modular landscape pieces.

Gen Con attendees can purchase tickets for the live stream for $10 and will have a chance to win Dwarven Forge prizes for attending. The show will also be streamed live on Gen Con's Twitch channel.