Total War: Three Kingdoms DLC Adds New Campaign, Leaders, and More

Total War: Three Kingdoms may have only been out for a couple months, but the fine folks at Creative Assembly aren't quite resting on their laurels just yet. The latest installment in the long-running real-time strategy game announced that it is releasing a new "Chapter Pack" of downloadable content called Eight Princes, and it's coming sooner than you might think.

The new DLC features eight new faction leaders as well as a new standalone campaign set after the events of the Three Kingdoms story. As with all faction leaders, each of the eight new ones come with specific traits and units, and the press release announcing the new DLC specifically mentions the likes of revered heavy cataphract cavalry, mounted archers, and imperial guardsmen. The new leaders will be available in both Records and Romance modes, the two distinctive modes of the game which allow for either a more straightforward, traditional Total War experience or one that revolves around generals as icons, respectively.

Here's how Creative Assembly describes the Eight Princes DLC:

"The year is 291 CE, and a generation has passed since the tumultuous events of the Three Kingdoms period began. Despite the tripartite division of power which brought the conflict to a stalemate, and the brief unification of the kingdoms under the Jin dynasty, civil war is no more than a heartbeat away.

"For the Jin is a dynasty divided. Its many ruling princes are hungry for greater power, each with ambitions – and methods – of their own. Eight stand above all others… will they rally to their emperor and empress? Or carve a legacy for themselves that will echo through the ages?"


What do you think? Are you excited for the new Total War: Three Kingdoms campaign? Let us know in the comments!

Total War: Three Kingdoms - Eight Princes is currently available to pre-order. It is scheduled to release on August 8th, and will cost $8.99. It requires the base Total War: Three Kingdoms game to play, which currently costs $59.99.