Wargroove Comes to the PlayStation 4 This Week

Mages and assassins and war dogs are all coming to the PlayStation 4 later this week when Wargroove releases on that console. It’s come to the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms already, and on July 23rd, the last of the announced platforms will get the game. Chucklefish will bring all of the game’s various modes including its story campaign and community-made maps to the PlayStation 4, but the game won’t feature cross-platform multiplayer.

Chucklefish announced the release date of the tactical game a few days ago and confirmed the details of the release that those who have played it elsewhere will already be familiar with. Porting company Blitworks who’s known for its work on Salt and Sanctuary, Windjammers, and Amnesia: Collection collaborated with Chucklefish to port the game to both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms.

If you haven’t been following Wargroove since its release in February, the game is a tactical turn-based strategy game that’ll delight anyone who’s familiar with the Advance Wars series or older Fire Emblem games. It’s got the distinct art style you’ll find in games like those with different factions consisting of various characters and motives. One of those factions also has an armored dog as a leader, in case you still needed more convincing.

A quick rundown of the game’s features can be found below. While PlayStation 4 players will be able to download any Chucklefish did add that the game won’t have cross-platform multiplayer.

Wargroove Features

  • A 20hr+ story campaign told through dynamic cut-scenes
  • An Arcade mode where you’ll take on a series of opponents in quick succession
  • Puzzle mode challenges you’ll need to solve in just one turn
  • A robust map, cut-scene and campaign editor, where you can even change the rules of the game without any mods or external tools
  • Both local and online play with competitive and co-op play, as well as complete rule customisation
  • Secrets and unlockables, including a fact-filled Codex, Jukebox and Gallery

“Rest assured – PS4 players can also download any of the many community-made map designs on the in-game Share tab, as well as uploading their own maps and campaigns to share between platforms,” Chucklefish said about the PlayStation 4 game.

Though some people may be planning on getting their strategy fix from Wargroove because they don’t have a Switch to play the upcoming Fire Emblem: Three Houses on, know that you’ll probably get a lot more out of this game than just a replacement. Our review for Wargoove praised the game’s “Groove” system, the likable characters, and engaging story.

Wargroove releases for the PlayStation 4 on July 23rd.