Marvel Champions Card Game Announced At Gen Con

At their press event during Gen Con Fantasy Flight Games announced a brand new living card game set in the Marvel Universe. The new game is called Marvel Champions: The Card Game, and will allow fans to play as their favorite heroes in a cooperative game that will put you against some of the Marvel Universe's most iconic villains, though as the LCG title suggests, the game will continue to be added to and evolved through new cards as the game lives on. To begin though you'll just need the Core Set, which comes with over 350 cards and much more.

What's more, the Core Set will give you a complete set of cards, and won't require you to buy other sets to build a complete deck for your heroes. The core set will allow you to play as heroes like Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Black Panther, and She-Hulk, and you'll use those cards and your abilities to take on villains like Rhino, Ultron, Klaw, and more.

Each one of these villains will have their own Encounter Deck, which will feature a host of minions and other hurdles that your heroes will need to deal with, and you'll do so by alternating between your alter ego and your hero form.

(Photo: Fantasy Flight Games)

Each of your heroes has an alter-ego of course, and that is represented on the other side of their hero card. Once per turn, you can change the form of your hero, and you start the game in your alter ego form. For example, if you start as Captain Marvel you'll actually start the game as Carol Danvers, and once per turn, you can switch. Each form has unique abilities, and you'll be able to heal up in your alter ego form as well. If you're in hero mode, you can directly attack the villain, and you'll need to strategically switch back and forth throughout the game.

(Photo: Fantasy Flight)

Your form will also affect what the villains do during their phase. The villains attack you if you're in hero form and not focus on their scheme, but they will do the opposite if you're in human form, so you'll need to work with your team to make sure that someone can keep the enemy distracted or occupied.

(Photo: Fantasy Flight)

Marvel Champions: The Card Game hits stores in the fourth quarter of this year, and you can follow me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB for all things Tabletop!