Dungeons & Dragons' Taverns and Inns Come to Life in New Supplement

A new third-party Dungeons & Dragons supplement provides a host of fully-fleshed inns and taverns for players to enjoy. A quintessential part of the Dungeons & Dragons experience is having your players frequent an inn or tavern. A local tavern is often the starting point of many D&D adventures, a great place for characters to meet for the first time and bond over beverages and a meal. Sometimes, an inn or tavern becomes a secondary home for the players or even a place where players might receive quests, meet friendly NPCs, or even cross paths with a future villain.

A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement provides DMs and players with a handful of pre-made inns and taverns, along with charts and tables that help DMs quickly create an inn or tavern in minutes. Taverns, Inns, and Taprooms, designed and edited by JB Little, is a new 89-page supplement with nine detailed locations. In addition to filling each inn or tavern with a host of unique NPCs, each inn has its own special food items, specialty drinks, and even menus that can be handed out to players. Plus, many of the inns have unique story hooks and sidequests that will help the players grow more attached to their temporary homes.

While there are a lot of pre-generated inn and tavern supplements out there, Taverns, Inns, and Taprooms stands out due to the dearth of details given to each location. Key employees have their own backstories and problems, menu items are determined based on the inn's location and atmosphere, and most inns offer special amenities that players will likely want to dive into. After all, what player doesn't want to treat their character to some acupuncture or a private butler to tend to their needs? Plus, NPCs at several of the taverns will want to teach players a unique game or two, whether it's a dangerous knife game or a good ol' fashioned drinking game.


Dungeons & Dragons and fantasy fans will love Taverns, Inns, and Taprooms. The amount of detail put into each location is remarkable, and ten pages of tables will help DM design their own inns with just as much care.

Taverns, Inns, and Taprooms is available on the DMs Guild for $9.95.