Watch This Epic Pokemon Go Battle Between Raquaza and an Army of Spheal

Spheal might not be a traditional Pokemon powerhouse, but a dedicated group of Pokemon Go players showed what can be accomplished with the power of teamwork and hard training. Earlier this weekend, a Pokemon Go player shared news that their 19-person raiding group defeated the Legendary Dragon/Flying-type Rayquaza using only Spheal. The group, which they dubbed "Spheal Team Six," accomplished the feat after nearly six months of training and a narrow defeat back in March during Rayquaza's last appearance in the game.

Rayquaza has a 4x weakness to Ice-type attacks, which means that players often beat it with Pokemon like Mamoswine, or Articuno. However, while Spheal is an Ice-type Pokemon, it has a max CP of 962 and an Attack stat in the bottom 15% of all Pokemon currently available in Pokemon Go. Even with a full team of trainers, Spheal can't do very much against a Pokemon like Rayquaza, especially when you consider that Spheal doesn't have an Ice-type Fast move that can whittle down Rayquaza's HP very much.


While their initial raid attempt failed earlier in this year, the group's use of Aurora Beam helped turn the tide in their favor. Even though a whole team of six Spheal were knocked out less than halfway through the Raid, players still had enough time to revive their Spheal and then send them back into battle to get the win with plenty of time to spare.

Although conquering a Rayquaza with a bunch of Spheal may not seem like much of accomplishment, these player-driven initiatives are part of the reason why Pokemon Go has remained popular after all these years. Even after you've caught them all, you can still find some new goal...even if that goal is seemingly minor like ganging up on a Rayquaza with 114 Spheal. You can watch the full video of Spheal Team Six's accomplishments up above.