Get This Slick PlayStation Mug for Only $6


There are a whole bunch of back to school sales going on right now, and two of them are happening over at GameStop - one that offers 40% off a collection of over 300 items that might come in handy for class - like backpacks, socks, and drinkware. They're also running a buy one, get one free sale on t-shirts. This PlayStation Oil Slick 16oz mug is one of the standout deals thanks to the price - and the fact that it looks awesome. You can order one right here for only $5.99 while they last. Naturally, it's going to be hand wash only with this kind of design.

Note that shipping is free on orders over $50, so this mug is an ideal add on item if you're digging through the sales or picking up a game or collectible. However, you might be willing to spend a bit more for one of these...


You know what's better than earning a Platinum Trophy in a PlayStation game? Celebrating that achievement with something beer-colored in an official Sony trophy glass that comes complete with embossed PlayStation icons. In fact, you can use it to celebrate all your achievements in life - like waking up. You can grab a PlayStation Trophy Glass right here for $20.99 with free shipping.

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