Fortnite Teases The Return of Moisty Mire

(Photo: Epic Games)

It looks like Epic Games are gearing up to bring back Moisty Mire to Fortnite, or at least some form of Moisty Mire. More specifically, Season 10 has brought with it some changes to Paradise Palms that appear to be teasing either the return of Moisty Mire or something similar to the classic area. In addition to changes you can see for yourself, a number of former locations that have since been changed or removed from the map have oddly reappeared in the game's files, including reference to a place called Moisty Palms, which sounds like a hybrid between Paradise Palms, and what was there before it, Moisty Mire.

As alluded to, Epic Games has already started to roll out the transition in Paradise Palms. For example, the sign that previously welcomed players to the town has a new look featuring a design that looks much more like Moisty Mire than Paradise Palms as it is now.

Meanwhile, the whole area is slowly being taken over by green grass again, and some buildings are even starting to be overtaken by trees.


As you can see, Paradise Palms is changing, and it looks like it will be a similar change to that of Dusty Divot back to Dusty Depot. In other words, Moisty Mire could be returning with a slightly new look, which will make many players happy who were sad to see it go a few seasons ago.

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