Sega Teases New Game

Today, Sega teased a new game that it will presumably be revealing next week during Gamescom in Germany. More specifically, it has launched a new teaser website cryptically titled "HMKD," which is probably some type of codename or hint at the project. Meanwhile, the site features a mailing list and an equally cryptic background visual. Again, there's no exact word on when we can expect to hear about the mystery game, but usually teaser websites like this are launched and promoted when an announcement is imminent. And given the fact that Gamescom is next week seemingly confirms we will be hearing about this very shortly. In fact, Sega previously confirmed it will reveal a new AAA game during the show. So, yeah, expect to hear about this soon, possibly on Monday during the event's opening show.

As you may know, back in December, Sega filed a trademark for "Humankind" in Japan and other regions, which seems to line up with the teaser website's title. In other words, there's a good chance it's this, especially when you consider that the teaser image doesn't really point to any of its existing franchises.


As you would expect, fans of Sega and its franchises were overtaken with hype when the teaser and teaser site dropped. Some are hoping it's for Jet Set Radio -- me included -- but, unfortunately, I don't think this is related to the cult-classic IP.

As always, feel free to leave a comment or two with your thoughts and predictions or let me know over on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_. What do you think this is teasing? What should Sega make next and why should it be a new Jet Set Radio?

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