Magic's Throne of Eldraine Brings New Brawl Decks, New Booster Types, and More

This October, Magic: The Gathering launches its newest set, Throne of Eldraine. The set introduces a brand new plane to the multiverse, with new mechanics, and new planeswalkers. It will also bring with it a standard rotation that will birth a brand new standard metagame.

Wizard of the Coast already previewed how the release of Throne of Eldraine will be different from past Magic: The Gathering releases. Throne of Eldraine will have three different kinds of booster packs, as well as Planeswalker Decks and more.


Now Wizards of the Coast has revealed full details about the products releasing under the Throne of Eldraine banner. Here’s the full list:

  • Throne of Eldraine Planeswalker Decks: Planeswalker Decks familiarize players who are interested in Magic with basic strategy, plus the game’s setting, characters, and mechanics of the latest set. Each deck comes with a foil Planeswalker card not found in traditional Throne of Eldraine booster packs. Each comes with 1 ready-to-play 60-card deck featuring a foil Planeswalker card, 2 Throne of Eldraine booster packs, 1 strategy insert, and 1 MTG Arena code card.
  • Throne of Eldraine Booster Packs: Throne of Eldraine boosters comes with several new card treatments. Borderless Planeswalkers are planeswalker cards where the art goes all the way to the border; Extended art frames, where art on a card runs all the way to the edge of the card on the left and right side; Showcase frames, cards with a new stylized art and frames that play into the set's theme. Boosters come with 15 cards. Displays come with 36 boosters.
  • Throne of Eldraine Bundle: Comes with 10 Throne of Eldraine booster packs, 20 foil land pack, 20 regular land pack, 1 foil promo card, 1 oversized Spindown life counter, 2 reference cards, and 1 reusable card storage box.
  • Throne of Eldraine Prerelease Pack: Available to retailers, the Throne of Eldraine Prerelease Pack gives players a sneak peek at the new set during Prerelease events along with a themed insert, a Spindown life counter, and a premium promo card of any rare or mythic rare in the set. Each Prerelease pack contains 6 Throne of Eldraine booster packs, 1 foil promo-stamped rare or mythic rare from Throne of Eldraine, 1 MTG Arena code card, and 1 Spindown life counter.
  • Throne of Eldraine Themed Booster: Designed to help new and casual players expand their collection with colors that they’re already invested in, they contain 35 cards from Throne of Eldraine, all themed around a single color, including 1 rare or mythic rare. Each Throne of Eldraine Theme Boosters display contains 10 Themed Boosters (five colors, two packs each).
  • Throne of Eldraine Collector Booster: These boosters are loaded with delicacies for collectors and anyone who wants to style out their deck. Each contains 15 cards from Throne of Eldraine, including 1 rare/mythic rare with extended art, 1 foil rare/mythic rare, 9 foil commons/uncommons, 3 special frame cards, 1 ancillary card, and 1 foil token. Throne of Eldraine Collector Boosters come in displays of 12.
  • Brawl Decks: 60-card ready-to-play decks, all Standard-legal, designed specifically for the Brawl format. There are four decks available, and each has seven Standard-legal cards not available in Throne of Eldraine booster packs. Each contains 60-card Standard-legal singleton deck, 7 Standard-legal cards not found in traditional Throne of Eldraine booster packs, 1 foil legendary creature not found in Throne of Eldraine booster packs, 1 Life Wheel, and 1 Strategy insert

Are you excited about Throne of Eldraine? Let us know in the comments. Throne of Eldraine releases October 6th.