Red Dead Redemption 2 Cosplay Turns John Marston Into Jane Marston

Red Dead Redemption 2 cosplay is some of the best cosplay, mostly because the PS4 and Xbox western has so many well-realized and memorable characters. John Marston, Arthur Morgan, Dutch van der Linde, Sadie Adler, Charles Smith, the list goes on and on. That said, maybe I just don't hang around the right places on the Internet, but I don't see as much Red Dead Redemption cosplay as cosplay for some other big games, meaning when I come across a good one it's just that much better.

Like many you, while I love Arthur Morgan, I also have a big soft spot in my heart for another boah: John Marston. In other words, maybe I have a bias when it comes to John Marston cosplay, but it's my favorite Red Dead Redemption cosplay. The only thing better than a John Marston cosplay is a genderbent John Marston cosplay, which is exactly what Reddit user TheNeonConduit recently shared.

My Fem! John Marston Cosplay I made for when I meet Rob Wiethoff! from r/reddeadredemption

As mentioned above, I really like genderbending cosplays, mostly because I appreciate how tricky they are. That said, because manipulating an iconic character is so tricky, a lot of them usually come up a bit short, but this one doesn't.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available for PS4 and Xbox One. At the moment of publishing, there's been no official word of a PC port, however, multiple leaks have all but confirmed a PC port is in the pipeline and likely coming soon.


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"There is just something here that digs in and grips you, and refuses to let go," reads a snippet from our review of the game. "Even when everything is looking its bleakest and you wonder if you’ll survive, there’s a genuine satisfaction from a job well done. From getting away with a stolen oil carriage from a well-guarded refinery to surviving a simple ambush where thugs make the mistake of trying to rob you for your horse. I played for hours on end plowing through the main story and still found myself in wonder just from riding across the countryside and discovering something new -- even fishing feels like it’s a devoted part of the game. Fishing."

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