Pick the Perfect Familiar in Dungeons & Dragons

A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement provides over 50 new unique familiars, each with their own special abilities. Familiars and animal companions are a special part of Dungeons & Dragons. What person hasn't wanted an intelligent pet that does they are told and can assist with various mundane and magical tasks. There are a few classes that gain animal companions and familiars - the Wizard can pick a Familiar, the Pact of the Fiend warlock can bind a creature to become its familiar, while a Beastmaster ranger gains an animal companion that becomes its primary means to attack. Now, a new D&D supplement provides players with plenty of unique options for familiars, many of which have their own special abilities.

Bearthazar's House of Familiars is a fantastic new supplement by Oliver Clegg, Catherine Evans, and Jessica Marcrum that adds over 50 familiars ranging from uncommon mundane creatures to the downright bizarre. From sleepy kittens that cast spells when disturbed to the infernal duck (a duck pulled straight out of the Nine Hells), Bearthazar's House of Familiars has something for every player. Some of these familiars even have handy abilities - the paper snake can steal words from books or scrolls (and can even be used as a magical scroll) while the emotional support imp can help snap a character out of any enchantments or magical effects they might be affected by. Many of the creatures also have clever little references to pop culture - who wouldn't want a stuffed bear named Paddington that blunders into battle whenever possible (and has the stats of a real bear!)


Bearthazar's House of Familiars is a brilliant supplement and is worth a read even if you don't plan on adding a new familiar soon. You'll laugh and chuckle as you read through this supplement and will likely come away with a desire to either add one of the supplement's familiars to your own menagerie or at least give one or two of these creatures to a friendly (or not so friendly) NPC.

Bearthazar's House of Familiars is available on the DMs Guild for $9.99. Print on Demand versions are also available.

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