League of Legends Teases Star Guardian News

With other League of Legends skin reveals and events out of the way, it looks like the next big reveal Riot Games has coming soon is for the popular Star Guardian collection. After the occasional mention of more Star Guardian cosmetics and questions from players who wondered where the next skins were and who they’d be for, a sole teaser was shared on Saturday to preview whatever Star Guardian news Riot may have for the next week or so.

The image below was shared by the official League of Legends account on Twitter this weekend to tease the next Star Guardian event. It shows Ahri holding onto several Star Guardian emblems, each of them beaten up and broken. The text shared with the image foreshadows perhaps a more ominous tone for this Star Guardian event since it talks about some unnamed person’s darkness burning people away.

Before anyone puts on their sleuthing hat and tries to figure out who’s holding the stars, it’s worth remembering that this image is actually taken from an older Star Guardian trailer. The trailer at the top was released back in September 2017 when the second round of Star Guardian skins were revealed. Soraka, Syndra, Miss Fortune, Ahri, and Ezreal were the five new Star Guardians revealed that year with Ahri being the one who’s hand was featured in the teaser.


The text, on the other hand, gives way to speculation about what this year’s event might be about. It doesn’t appear to reference anything in the trailer and seems to be referring to someone specifically, so perhaps the Star Guardian universe will be fleshed out this year with some villains to go up against the Star Guardians.

With the teaser being revealed on a Saturday, one would expect we’d hear something more on this event next week, possibly with a full reveal of the next Star Guardian skins. Sunday will play host to the LCS Summer Finals, so perhaps a reveal or another teaser will be tied into that event.

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