Harry Potter: Wizards Unite's First Fan Festival Challenge Is All About Dragons

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite players are gearing up for their first ever official fan festival that’s taking place this weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana. It’s scheduled to be begin today on August 31st and will last until September 1st, and those who there will be able to take on dragons as one of the game’s most impressive oddities. They’ll be released throughout the world as regional exclusives after the event is over, but even if you’re not there at the event, you can take part in a global challenge from home.

The Portkey Portmanteaus Wizards Unite players have already been finding in their travels will be the key component in this global challenge, a post on the game’s site explained. By finding some special Portkeys, players will be able to visit the Forbidden Forest where they’ll find one of several Dragon Eggs. The colors of the Portkeys correspond with the different Dragon Eggs that include the Chinese Fireball Eggs, Antipodean Opaleye Eggs, Peruvian Vipertooth Eggs, and Common Welsh Green Eggs.

“Can’t make it to Indianapolis for the first Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Fan Festival? Don’t worry, you’ve still got an action-packed weekend in store!” the post said. “We’re excited to announce the Fan Festival Global Challenge, a challenge in which players all around the world will be able to encounter four new types of Portkey Portmanteaus throughout the weekend. Each of these special Portmanteaus will contain a Portkey that will transport you to the Forbidden Forest where you’ll have the opportunity to collect one of four Dragon Eggs. You’ll be able to easily identify these special Portmanteaus on the map, as they’ll match the color of the Dragon Egg found within.”

If enough eggs are collected throughout the duration of the event, players will unlock rewards like bonus experience and decreased walking distance needed for Portkeys and potions.

Should event attendees be able to return 150,000 dragons during their time at the event, they’ll unlock a special Day of the Dragons event for everyone around the world that’ll take place on September 7th.


“During this 3-hour period, each region will be visited by a Dragon not typically found in the area. The exact type of Dragon will depend on which type of Dragon Egg was collected the most in that specific region during the Global Challenge. For example, if players in Asia collect more Antipodean Opaleye Dragon eggs than any other type during the Global Challenge, they will encounter Antipodean Opaleye Oddities for the 3-hour event and receive bonus XP for all Dragons returned during the Day of the Dragons.”

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’s first fan festival event starts today, so keep an eye on the Twitter account above to see how things are going.