Square Enix Reveals Remake of Iconic Final Fantasy VII Artwork

Square Enix has already won over Final Fantasy fans by remaking Final Fantasy VII, one of the most requested remakes from the series, and it looks like it’s sweetened the deal again by recreating the iconic box art from the original game. To commemorate the North American release of the original game which took place 22 years ago on September 7, 1997, Square Enix revealed an updated version of the artwork that graced the box of Final Fantasy VII.

The remade artwork can be seen below courtesy of the Twitter account dedicated to the remake of Final Fantasy VII. For those who played the original game, the artwork needs little introduction, though it looks considerably different form the version the original PlayStation box boasted. The same tweet also reminded Final Fantasy fans that the release of the Final Fantasy VII Remake is just under six months away now.

The actual box art for the Final Fantasy VII Remake hasn’t been revealed yet though, so this may not be the scene that covers the box of the new game when it releases in March of next year. It’s clear from the responses to the artwork that players would be just fine with that, but even if it’s not on the front, maybe it’ll be included in some capacity as a reversable cover or something like that.

Following Square Enix’s reveal of the updated artwork, fans took it upon themselves to imagine the art in different ways. Some compared this version of the art to the original while other animated it and imagined what it’d look like if Square Enix does indeed use it to decorate the remaster’s box.


This month, Final Fantasy fans will see more of the game from PlayStation during Tokyo Game Show. The remake is among other games that’ll be included in PlayStation’s plans for its live events at the gaming show, plans that also include a lot of time spent on Death Stranding. The full schedule here shows when we’ll see Final Fantasy VII Remake take the stage.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake releases for the PlayStation 4 on March 3, 2020.