Pokemon Sword and Shield Teases Glitched Pokemon Reveal

Pokemon Sword and Shield will reveal the identity of a new Pokemon later this week. Last night, the Pokemon Company acknowledged a clever "glitch" that obscured the identity of a new Pokemon that will appear in Pokemon Sword and Shield. The Pokemon appeared on the official Pokemon Sword and Shield website in pixelated form, with its description partially censored. Per the Japanese website, additional information about the Pokemon will be revealed at 9 PM ET on Wednesday.

Many players believe that this mystery Pokemon is a Galarian evolution of Farfetch'd. The "glitch" on the Pokemon Sword and Shield website causes a picture of a Pokemon to move around similarly to how Farfetch'd ran in the Ilex Forest in Pokemon Crystal and Pokemon SoulSilver and HeartGold. Additionally, a leak from earlier this year revealed that Farfetch'd would gain an evolution called Sirfetch'd and the obscured description seems to point to the Pokemon being an evolution of some kind.


The "glitch" has earned plenty of praise from Pokemon fans, who have enjoyed how the unconventional reveal is playing out. Not only has the glitch drawn a lot of attention to the new Pokemon games, it's also built up a lot of anticipation and speculation that wouldn't usually be present for a Pokemon reveal.

We'll have to see whether the rumors are true tomorrow evening. We'll have continued coverage of Pokemon Sword and Shield later this week. The new Pokemon games will be released on November 15th.