PlayStation Teases Buying Asian Studios Ahead of PS5

PlayStation could go on a studio shopping spree soon, and it may have its eye on scooping up some studios out of Asia, which features multiple large gaming markets. Further, PlayStation seems to be suggesting that it may developing more games for the various Asian markets in the future. The news comes way of president of Sony's Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, who suggested that PlayStation wants to expand in the Asian market by creating games for it.

More specifically, Yoshida recently teased that Asian studios may soon be joining the Sony development family, and when and if this happens, Sony may use these developers to create games for the Asian market. Now, as you will know, PlayStation is located out of Japan, so obviously when Yoshida is referring to the Asian market, this doesn't include Japan. In fact, he's almost certainly talking about China, and maybe to a lesser extent, South Korea, two large markets that none of the platform holders have tapped into yet.

That said, the only video game market that rivals China is the United States. In other words, there's a lot of money being left on the table by not tapping into it. However, Sony has been trying to recently by spotlighting and publishing Chinese-developed games, and in cases, helping bring them to the worldwide market. So, it's not very surprising to hear PlayStation is considering going down this road further by creating games for the market itself.

"SIE Worldwide Studios is also a studio that plays a role in creating and deploying games in earnest as a publisher, and I think it's rare in the world for developers from Japan, the US and Europe to participate," said Yoshida while speaking to Game Watch at TGS. "There is a possibility that Asian developers may join us in the future, and when that happens, we are starting to think that it would be interesting to think about creating games for the Asian market as well."


As you can see, it's a bit vague right now, and the translation (via Google) isn't perfect. That said, at the very least, Sony is interested in tapping into the Asian market more, and we could very well see it expand in this area during the PS5 era.

Thanks, Reset Era.