Here Are All the New Fortnite Chapter 2 Battle Pass Skins

Pretty much everything is new now in Fortnite with an updated map and tons of new mechanics added in Chapter 2, but at least one thing remains the same. There’s a new battle pass that’s now been released at for players to work their way through once again as they unlock skins, loading screens, pickaxes, and the usual array of other items you’d find in previous passes. Players are already working towards their favorite skins, and there are several of them to choose from in the Chapter 2 Season 1 battle pass.

Skins have a new twist this time compared to previous battle passes. At the tiers that you’d usually unlock one of the skins, you’ll find that there’s more than one option for cosmetics you can equip. The various tiers are set up in a Skin vs. Skin fashion where there are alternate styles to each of the skins that essentially create a good vs. evil dynamic between them.

Below you’ll find a list of every skin that’s available in this season’s battle pass along with the tier at which you’ll be able to unlock them. You can also find images of some of the skins along with others seen in the trailer above.

  • Tier 1 – Journey vs. Hazard
  • Tier 1 – Turk vs. Riptide
  • Tier 20 – Rippley vs. Sludge
  • Tier 40 – Remedy vs. Toxin & Toxin with Mask
  • Tier 60 – 8-Ball vs. Scratch
  • Tier 80 – Cameo vs. Chic
  • Tier 100 – Fusion (three different styles/colorways)

As Fortnite players who’ve been keeping up with leaks and rumors surrounding the first season of this latest chapter will know, there are other skins that have been spotted that we haven’t seen released yet. These skins will presumable go on sale at some point during the season as Epic Games releases them periodically, so you may want to set aside some V-Bucks if there’s one you like that hasn’t been released yet.

Fortnite’s second chapter brought a bunch of new mechanics with it alongside these skins. You can swim and drive boats now, and with bots now in the game, players are finding their first game of Chapter 2 to be a pretty easy one.