Xbox Game Pass' Next Incredible Offer Leaked

Earlier this year, Microsoft offered six months Spotify Premium for free to anyone who signed up for Xbox Game Pass as a way to entice people to buy in on the subscription service. And apparently it worked well, because it looks like Microsoft is getting ready to offer up another cross-promotion that should bring more subscribers through the door. More specifically, it looks like Microsoft is planning to bundle Xbox Game Pass with Discord Nitro in the near-future.

The cross-promotion was discovered in the latest Discord beta update for Android, which added strings that reference Xbox Game Pass, and mention that new subscribers to the service will get three free months of Discord Nitro. As you may know, the aforementioned Spotify offer was only for new subscribers, as in gamers who subscribe after the promotion was announced, and it looks like that will also be the case with this cross-promotion as well.

For those that don't know: Discord Nitro is a premium version of Discord that costs $10 a month (the same price as Xbox Game Pass) and allows subscribers to customize their profiles with a unique tag, get animated emojis, boost their favorite servers, enjoy bigger file uploads, and much more. If you want, you can read more about the subscription service by clicking right here.

Now, as always, take this with a grain of salt. That's not to say there's anything fishy afoot, but all unofficial information should be taken with a grain of salt or two, if not simply because everything is subject to change.

If this promotion is legit, then it will offer $30 in savings, which is a pretty great deal. Whether it will move new subscribers to the service, I'm not sure, but apparently Microsoft like what it saw with the Spotify promotion and wanted to go back to this well.


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Source: Neowin

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