How to Watch Nintendo's Pokemon Direct

A new Pokemon Direct is officially here! Nintendo is set to reveal a bunch of new Pokemon information in a presentation early today, though it's unclear exactly... what might that entail. There's no announced upcoming video games now that Pokemon Sword and Shield has been out for a bit, and the imagination runs wild when presented with the unknown. It's Nintendo, after all; anything could happen.

More specifically, the Pokemon Direct is set to take place at 9:30am ET, and will go for what Nintendo describes as "roughly 20 minutes." Notably, Nintendo has also indicated that this is new Pokemon information, but that's about the extent of what we definitively know about the upcoming livestream. You can watch it in the embedded stream above, and we will of course cover all important announcements made during it separately.

The most probable announcement? More information about Pokemon Home, the storage and trading service/app, seems a likely suspect. Something about when it'll release, exactly, what it will entail, and how all of that works within Pokemon Sword and Shield. There's also liable to be an event of some sort within the games tied to Home's release.

Speculation at this point includes everything from the return of the National Dex -- which is missing from Sword and Shield -- to remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and more. But given that Pokemon news can range from new Gigantamax forms to new apps to smaller updates and tweaks to all of the above, it's hard to say right now. That's not even getting into the hornet's nest that Nintendo, Game Freak, and The Pokemon Company might be kicking should the National Dex actually return.


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Pokemon Sword and Shield, the latest and greatest mainline Pokemon video games, are currently available for the Nintendo Switch. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Pokemon right here.