Inteleon Gets a Gun in the New Pokemon Expansion

When Pokemon Sword and Shield were first introduced, fans immediately took a shine to Sobble. The water lizard's sad demeanor struck a chord with Pokemon players, turning the creature into an early favorite. Of course, Sobble's evolved forms are a little more cheerful, and Sobble's initial awkwardness seems to completely fade away once it becomes Inteleon. The creature's final evolved form takes some cues from James Bond, and even has some finger guns to emulate the popular British spy. While that addition to the character's design was jarring enough for fans, the newly-announced DLC expansions introduce a Gigantamax version of Inteleon, and this one ditches the finger guns for a full-blown water rifle! Viewers during today's Pokemon Direct were a bit flabbergasted, needless to say.

While a Pokemon wielding a gun would be a shocking sight regardless, there's a bit more humor to the situation since Pokemon fans have been making jokes about a potential "Pokemon Gun Version" ever since Sword and Shield were first announced. It's hard to say whether or not Game Freak knows about the memes, but it's a pretty funny outcome, regardless!


Of course, that water rifle seems to have made Gigantamax Inteleon an early MVP for the upcoming Pokemon expansions, just like Sobble was when Sword and Shield were first unveiled. Things certainly seem to have come full circle! It will be interesting to see if the character remains that popular through the release of The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra, or if another new Pokemon will take its place at the top. Either way, it seems the Sobble line has earned quite a few fans.

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