Marvel Champions Announces Black Widow as Next Hero Pack

Marvel Champions will be welcoming Black Widow as its next superhero, just in time for her upcoming movie. Earlier today, Fantasy Flight Games revealed the Black Widow Hero Pack for Marvel Champions, a living card game built around the Marvel Universe. Like other Hero Packs, players can open up the Black Widow pack and use its pre-constructed deck, or break the deck apart to customize other decks to use in the game. The pack will also introduce a new type of upgrade card - those with the Preparation keyword - which are played in advance and then triggered when certain criteria are met

Black Widow's core Hero cards consist of mostly gadget cards with the Preparation keyword, which allow her to make use of her passive default Widowmaker ability (which deals 1 damage to an enemy whenever a Preparation card is triggered) and keeps her prepared for any situation. The Hero Pack also comes with several new Justice aspect Preparation cards, giving her even more abilities to choose from. Agent Coulson also makes his debut in Marvel Champions as a new ally, and helps a player automatically draw a Preparation card when he enters play.


To match the theme of the upcoming Black Widow movie, Black Widow's nemesis is Taskmaster. While Taskmaster has no Scheme or Attack stats of his own, his stats increase by 1 for every upgrade Black Widow controls. If drawn as a boost card, Taskmaster also boosts the Scheme or Attack of the main villain by the number of upgrades the player who drew him has, making him a deadly nemesis even when he's not actively played.

The Black Widow Hero Pack for Marvel Champions will be released in 2Q2020. Two more Hero Packs will also be released after Black Widow, followed by Marvel Champions' first campaign expansion.

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