Dead by Daylight Is Reworking The Doctor

Behaviour Interactive announced its plans for The Doctor’s rework this week to show how the menacing Killer will be updated once the developers are through with him. He’ll have an updated power as well as some changes for the add-ons he obtains from the Bloodweb and uses in matches, and other parts of his kit will also be changed. His map, the Treatment Theater, will similarly be updated as a sweeping revamp of the Chapter.

The Doctor has been in line for an update for some time as Behaviour Interactive looked at different Killers and how they could be improved. The developer shared its plans for the update in a post on the game’s site this week to loop The Doctor players in on what’s happening.

Starting with The Doctor’s power, Behaviour Interactive said the Killer’s ability is being renamed “Static Blast” and will instantly acquire a full tier of Madness that will eventually reveal their location if their Madness level increases.

“The new ability replacing Static Field is called Static Blast,” the post said. “After charging the ability for a short duration, The Doctor releases a blast of static electricity throughout his entire Terror Radius. Any Survivors caught in the Area of Effect are shocked, causing them to scream and acquire a full tier of Madness. If their Madness levels increase, they also reveal their location to The Doctor.”

Two “significant changes” for the add-ons were also detailed.

Add-On Changes

  • "Obedience" - Skill checks have a considerable chance to turn counter-clockwise for Survivors with Madness Level 2/3. 
  • “Iridescent Queen” (formerly known as Scrapped Tape) - Survivors hit with Shock Therapy or Static Blast acquire a lingering Static Charge. If a Survivor with Static Charge is within 4 meters of another Survivor, the Survivor receives a shock with identical effects as the Shock Therapy and Static Blast.  

For any Survivors who are affected by Madness, they’ll be able to use the “Snap Out Of It” mechanic to drop their Madness level to Level One instead of just lowering it from Level Three to Level Two. The Doctor will also have updated chase music that’ll play whenever he’s in pursuit of someone.

The Doctor’s map is indoors which sets it apart from many other maps, and Behaviour Interactive is changing it to make it easier for Survivors to navigate by reducing brightness and contrast. Other visuals have been updated to help Survivors get around and know where generators have spawned.

Full details on The Doctor’s update can be seen here, though there’s no known release date for the rework.

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