Classic Nintendo Series Possibly Returning on Switch

Within the Mario series is the Mario & Luigi series, which looks like it's heading towards backburner status. However, it looks like that may change with the Nintendo Switch, which has already revived numerous dormant Nintendo series, typically in the remaster form. For those that don't know: the Mario & Luigi series is a loose term for the role-playing games starring the two characters and the adventures they go on together. The first installment in the series came in the form of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, which debuted back on the Game Boy Advance. This release was then followed by two games on Nintendo DS, and then eventually the series migrated to Nintendo 3DS. However, Nintendo has seemingly shelved the series since its last release in 2018.

Making things worse, last year, developer of the series, AlphaDream filed for bankruptcy. This development only seemingly shoved the series further back on the shelf, however, it looks like Nintendo may still have plans for it.

Spotted by LetsGoDigital, this month Nintendo filed for a new trademark in Argentina for the series, suggesting that in some shape or form it still has plans for the series, even if it isn't a full-blown new entry.


Now, the trademark doesn't mention the Nintendo Switch, which means that the series could make it's comeback via mobile phones. Nintendo has been plunging deeper into the mobile space, however, it's been doing so with its marquee series, which Mario & Luigi isn't, despite the iconic nature of both the characters. In other words, if Nintendo is actually doing something with the series in the near-future, I reckon it will be on the Nintendo Switch. That said, at this point, fans of the spin-off series will probably take what they can get.

While, it's only been a couple years since we last saw the series, it hasn't touched the Switch yet, and more importantly the last entry didn't sell well, which was a big reason why AlphaDream filed for bankruptcy. This is to say that perhaps claiming the series is on ice is a bit premature, but it's been a rough couple years for the series, and these couple of years did suggest it may be awhile before it returns. However, it looks like this prediction may also have been a bit premature.

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