Disney Villainous: Perfectly Wretched Adds Cruella De Vil and Two Other Disney Villains to Popular Board Game

Disney Villainous: Perfectly Wretched will add three new Disney villains to the popular tabletop game, including Cruella De Vil. ComicBook.com can exclusively report that the next expansion to the popular Disney Villainous tabletop game will also Mother Gothel from Tangled and Pete from Steamboat Willie, and will be released on March 1st. As with previous expansions, players can take control of these Disney villains, each of which have their own goals that need to be completed before their rivals. Cruella will need to start her turn with 99 captured puppies, Mother Gothel will need to start her turn with 10 Trust, and Pete needs to complete four objectives that are picked at the start of the game and correspond to each one of his board's locations. Pete will also have Disney Villainous's first black and white deck. You can take a look at all three boards for the new villains below:

villainous perfectly wretched
(Photo: Ravensburger)

Ravensburger launched Disney Villainous back in 2018 as a unique asymmetric board game in which players compete to complete their villain's objective before other players. Outside of drawing from opponent's fate decks to block certain locations and cause heroes to appear, a player has minimal interactions with their opponents, turning each game of Disney Villainous into a race to see who can be the most evil. Each Disney villain has their own unique deck of cards, board, and objectives, many of which use wholly different mechanics than any other villain. This makes each game of Disney Villainous a fun adventure where players are rewarded for learning how to best utilize their villain's deck. As with every expansion, Disney Villainous can be played alone or in combination with the core Disney Villainous game and other expansions.

Disney Villainous: Perfectly Wretched is notable for a few reasons. Not only does it bring in the immensely popular villain Cruella DeVil into the game, it also adds the game's first ever villain from a computer animated movie in Mother Gothel, and brings in a classic Disney character from Steamboat Willie. Pete's deck is confirmed to have Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Pluto as heroes working to stop him from completing his goals. You can check out the movers for all three villains below:

(Photo: Ravensburger)
mother gothel
(Photo: Ravensburger)
(Photo: Ravensburger)

Disney Villainous: Perfectly Wretched is available to pre-order on Amazon now for $24.99 with a release date set for March 1st. Target will have an exclusive version of the game that comes with a removable spotted box sleeve and a special spotted version of Cruella's mover.

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