Renegade Announces Space Battle Lunchtime Card Game

Renegade Game Studios is known for hit games like Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid, Lanterns, and more, and now they're taking on the delightful series Space Battle Lunchtime from Natalie Riess and Oni Press. The series revolves around a baker named Peony who finds herself in a universe-spanning baking competition, one that takes her far beyond the skies of Earth. Now Renegade is adapting the series for a brand new card game that will have players competing for the title of Space Battle Lunchtime champion, and you'll have to pull out all the stops to deliver the winning dish.

Players will collect and combine flavor cards to assemble a dish that will win over the judges, a panel that is made up of aliens from all over the galaxy. 2 to 5 players will do battle int he game, which takes around 30 minutes to play, and utilizes the same delightful art style from the series. Fans will have the chance to play the game early courtesy of the Board Game Expo, which will take place on April 4th, and you can check out the game in the images below.

You can find the official description of the game below as well, and it can be pre-ordered right here.

(Photo: Renegade)

"Space Battle Lunchtime Card Game is based on its namesake graphic novel by Natalie Riess, about Earth baker Peony who gets the deal of a lifetime when she agrees to be a contestant on the Universe's hottest reality TV cooking show, Space Battle Lunchtime! In the game, players will face off as contestants in the intergalactic cooking competition show. They’ll collect and combine flavor cards to create the perfect prize-winning dish, trying to impress the alien judges with their creativity! Based on the delightful Oni Press Graphic novel by Natalie Riess!

• Number of Players: 2-5

• For Ages: 10+

• Playing Time: 30 min


- 40 Dish Cards

- 60 Flavor Cards

- 6 Judge Cards

- 5 Chef Cards

- 5 Spatula Tokens

- 1 First Player Token

- 5 Player Aid Cards

- 1 Rules Sheet

The Space Battle Lunchtime Card Game will hit stores this May.

You can find the official description of the Space Battle Lunchtime series Vol. 1 below.


"Collecting the first four issues of Natalie Riess's delectable series, SPACE BATTLE LUNCHTIME! Earth baker Peony gets the deal of a lifetime when she agrees to be a contestant on the Universe's hottest reality TV show, Space Battle Lunchtime! But that was before she knew that it shoots on location... on a spaceship... and her alien competitors don't play nice! Does Peony really have what it takes to be the best cook in the Galaxy? Tune in and find out!"

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