Nintendo Switch Getting Cult-Classic 2002 Game Next Month

The Nintendo Switch has been getting a lot of great games recently, but this newly announced port should especially please a lot of nostalgic gamers. More specifically, next month on March 31, the Nintendo eShop will add Ty the Tasmanian Tiger for sale. Word of the Switch release date comes way of developer Krome Studios, who also revealed that the PS4 version will release "as soon as possible after the Switch version." As for the Xbox One version of the game, it will come last, aka after the PS4 version. These two versions of the game will notably have online leaderboards, which the Switch version won't.

For those that don't know: Ty the Tasmanian Tiger is a 3D platformer from developer Krome Studios and EA that released in 2002 via the Nintendo GameCube, PS2, and original Xbox. Since then, it came to PC in a remastered, HD form in 2016, and this is the same version that is now coming to modern consoles following a successful Kickstarter campaign by the aforementioned developer.


"STONE THE CROWS! Are you ready to explore the wilds of the Australian Outback in this remastered version of the classic game, TY the Tasmanian Tiger? Join TY on a RIPPER of an adventure to free his family from the DREAMING and stop the nefarious evil genius BOSS CASS from removing mammals from the top of the food chain," reads an official pitch of the game. "To help you on your quest, you've got a BEAUT arsenal of boomerangs, sharp teeth, and the help of a few friends! So don’t be a galah - let's head down under, and have a CORKER of a time! BEAUTY, BOTTLER, BONZA!"

At the moment of publishing, it's unclear how much the game will cost at launch on the Nintendo Switch, but presumably it will be in the ballpark of the $15 it costs on Steam. Below, you can continue to read more about the game, courtesy of an official rundown of its key features:

  • Explore 17 levels of the Australian Outback in their old-school 3D platforming glory
  • 13 different boomerangs including the Frostyrang, Flamerang and powerful Doomerang
  • Improved graphics; including updated shadows, reflections, HD resolutions and 60fps

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