Resident Evil 3 Gameplay Stream Announced

Capcom announced on Tuesday plans for a Resident Evil 3 stream that’s happening this week to give people yet another look at the game before its release. This new stream is expected to show off “exclusive gameplay,” according to the announcement, but it’s unknown now which parts of the game we’ll be exploring through the perspective of the Resident Evil team. Chances are good that we’ll be treated to some commentary as well to explain what’s happening in the segment of Resident Evil 3 we see, so whether you’re new to the game or want to see what’s changed from the original, there’s probably something in the stream to make it worth watching.

The Resident Evil 3 stream is scheduled to take place on Wednesday at 11 a.m. PT, Capcom said, and will be presented on both YouTube and Twitch. It didn’t say much about what would be shown during the stream, only that we’d be seeing gameplay of some sort. It’s unknown how long it’ll run for, but like the other streams, this one should be catalogued afterwards for anyone who missed the live presentation to watch later.

We’ve seen some new enemies in Resident Evil 3 as well as talks of some features that’ll be in the game and some that won’t, so perhaps we’ll be seeing some of those parts of the remake discussed during the stream.


Gameplay presentations aside, the other big question about Resident Evil 3 beyond what the game will look like comes from the community asking when they’ll be able to play the game themselves before it’s released. Capcom previously confirmed that a Resident Evil 3 demo is indeed happening, but it didn’t give any indication of when that demo would be dropping. Considering the game is coming out in April, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see some new gameplay and have the stream end with an announcement about when the demo would be available. If not, those looking forward to the game can rest assured knowing the demo is at least coming out eventually.

Resident Evil 3 and its Resident Evil Resistance mode is scheduled to release on April 3rd.

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