Sega Really Loves Family Guy, Apparently

In the early days of Twitter, the social media platform was a whole lot weirder. Before companies and celebrities realized the platform's power, things were a lot more chaotic, and a bit looser. Take, for example, the official Sega Twitter account. Today, all of the tweets sent out by the account are in service of hyping up the company's current releases, or building up the brand. Go back 10 years, however, and the person running Sega's Twitter account was a bit more lax, sending out a number of tweets about Family Guy, of all things. Jet Set Radio composer Hideki Naganuma pointed out all the various times the company tweeted about the show, and it's a surprisingly large number!

Naganuma is apparently a big fan of the show himself. That, or he's just a fan of memes and messing around with his followers. Either way, Naganuma's Twitter account has a plethora of tweets about the show, including a lot of fan mash-up art featuring Quahog residents combined with elements from the Jet Set Radio franchise. In fact, the composer has gone on record saying that he'd like to create an official remix of the show's theme song. All of this seems to be what prompted Naganuma to dig up Sega's old tweets about the show.

Regardless of whether or not Naganuma's tweets about the show come from genuine love, or something else, the old tweets from Sega are very real. Naganuma's post has resulted in a lot of new replies to Sega's old tweets, which has likely led to some confusion from his old employer!


What's truly great about Naganuma's Family Guy tweets is the way the whole thing is just purely good humored. Fans of Naganuma's work have gotten in on the joke in a major way, and his account has provided a fun respite from some of the less enjoyable elements of Twitter. Maybe Naganuma's antics will prompt a new Family Guy-related response from Sega. It's all quite bizarre, but maybe that's when Twitter is truly at its best.

Are you a fan of Hideki Naganuma's music? Would you listen to a Family Guy remix from the Jet Set Radio composer? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming!

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