Teamfight Tactics Is Getting a Premium Galaxies Pass

Teamfight Tactics’ Galaxies set is on the way with new champions and much more included in it, and one of those new features will be a premium pass system used to earn more rewards. It’s called the Galaxies Pass+, and it’s an evolution of the beta pass system in place during the last few seasons which gave players loot just for playing the game and progressing through the tiers. That free version previously in place will still be around for those who prefer to work their way through it, but the premium version will have even more rewards to unlock.

The Rise of the Elements Pass has been in place throughout the second set of Teamfight Tactics content, so if you’ve been acquiring rewards through that one, you’ll already have an idea of how this new premium pass will work. The release of the Galaxies Pass and its premium version also mark the removal of the “beta” aspect of the passes now that they’re officially, fully launching.

“Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies is officially taking the beta tag off the pass system,” Riot Games said. “The free pass will look the same as before—with all the same amounts and types of rewards—and we’ll be adding a paid version packed with additional rewards and premium cosmetics that unlock as you play.”

This Galaxies Pass+ is set to be available for 1,350 Riot Points whenever the Galaxies set releases. Like similar passes from other games, it doesn’t really matter when you purchase it since it’ll grant awards retroactively for any loot players would’ve already gained had they bought it earlier. The free track and the premium track will be combined into one tier, but those who have the premium option will have access to quite a bit more than those who stick with the free version. Players will progress through the tiers by playing matches and completing missions to earn experience.

The free Galaxies Pass will have things like revamped arenas among other rewards. Those who buy the premium version can get unique variants of the Little Legends currently available in the game.

Whenever Teamfight Tactics goes mobile this month, those who get the Galaxies Pass+ for the PC version can rest assured knowing that their progress will carry over to the mobile platform as well.


“However, the TFT Galaxies Pass+ will be available for purchase during the initial rollout of TFT Mobile globally,” Riot said. “You’ll get the same rewards, missions, and XP as PC, and progression will be kept across platforms.”

The Teamfight Tactics Galaxies Pass+ will last until June 9th after it goes live.

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