Ronda Rousey Snags a Shiny Squirtle In Pokemon Sword and Shield

Former UFC and WWE champion Ronda Rousey can add a new accomplishment to her already impressive resume: Shiny Pokemon catcher. Earlier this week, Rousey shared a picture of the Shiny Squirtle she caught while playing Pokemon Sword and Shield. Rousey captured the Shiny Squirtle during Pokemon Sword and Shield's Pokemon Day festivities two weekends ago. Shiny Pokemon are extremely rare, and Rousey noted that this was the first one she had ever seen in a raid. Rousey has been streaming her Pokemon Sword and Shield exploits on Facebook Gaming, which previously included her first ever Shiny Pokemon - a Shiny Eevee she hatched from an egg.

Rousey is a well-known Pokemon fan and even used to moderate for an online Pokemon forum. In a 2015 AMA, Rousey noted that her favorite Pokemon was Mew, and fans quickly discovered her old GameTalk profile that she made when she was sixteen, when she went by "mew182" after her favorite Pokemon. In the same thread, she noted that her Game of Thrones house sigil would be a Mew with Vegeta hair, and that she'd like to fight a Throh (a Fighting-type Pokemon that uses judo moves) inside a UFC ring.


Rousey has kept up with the Pokemon series over the last twenty years, noting in a 2015 interview that she's played every Pokemon game from Pokemon Blue all the way up to the then-current Pokemon X and Pokemon Y games.

While Rousey has kept a somewhat low profile since losing to Becky Lynch at last year's Wrestlemania, she did appear at WWE headquarters recently and has been back in the public eye thanks to her new video game streaming. You can follow Rousey's current Pokemon journey on Facebook Gaming, where she streams games like Pokemon Sword and Shield as well as Horizon: Zero Dawn and indie games on a regular basis. Rousey can often be found wearing various Eeveelution onesies when streaming, which is a true sign of her hardcore Pokemon fandom.

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