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'NBA Jam' Announcer Submits DOTA 2 Voiceover Pack

08/30/2018 08:49 pm EDT

So you may remember an arcade game from the 90’s called NBA Jam, which is easily one of the greatest multiplayer sports endeavors ever made. With its high-flying dunks and fast-scoring competition, it still can’t be beat. Well, the announcer behind that classic is now looking to bring his antics to a different kind of game — DOTA 2?

Yep, Tim Kitzrow, who provided such energetic lines as “The nail in the coffin!” and “Boomshakalaka!” has submitted a voiceover pack for DOTA 2, in which he delivers even more fun dialogue as enemies do battle on-screen. You can get an idea of what you’re in for in the trailer above.

Right now, the voice pack is in the voting phase over on Steam, which means that if enough people for it, it can actually become available. And we are all for that.

Here’s Kitzrow’s tweet about the pack:

In addition, Kitzrow wrote this in the DOTA Jam Announcer Pack description:

"You bring the DOTES and we'll bring the JAM! Inspired by the previous community mods, we're happy to introduce the demo for Dota Jam - an announcer pack by none other than Tim Kitzrow, the voice of NBA Jam, NFL Blitz, NHL Hitz, MLB Slugfest, and Mutant Football League.

We plan on producing a fully featured announcer pack this fall, but first we need your help. Upvote the submission and feel free to suggest any lines you'd like to see in the announcer pack."

We’ll let you know if it becomes available in the game, but this could easily become one of our favorites in the world of DOTA.

For that matter, if you want to continue hearing Kitzrow do his work outside of NBA Jam, you can check out Mutant Football League now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. It’s a rompin’ good time, with a lot of crazy carnage and superb, arcade-style gameplay. And it’s coming to Nintendo Switch later this year as well!

And while we’re at it, let’s get Kitzrow in more sports games. Throw him into The Golf Club 2019 as a guest. Ask him to announce matches in Dragon Ball FighterZ. And while we're at it, he'd probably have a field day in FIFA 19, especially when shouting, “GOAL!” Someone give him a call.

DOTA 2 is now available on Steam/PC.

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