Apex Legends Has Been Hacked by a Group That Wants Respawn to Fix Titanfall

07/04/2021 05:21 pm EDT

Respawn Entertainment's popular multiplayer shooter Apex Legends has fallen prey to a rather unusual hacking situation today. Earlier this morning, a number of playlists and notifications in-game were taken over, with new messages appearing claiming that Respawn's original Titanfall game is still rife with hackers. As such, this group of hackers has essentially hacked into Apex Legends as a way of trying to get Respawn's attention to thwart the hackers of Titanfall.

These specific notifications began popping up for some Apex Legends players today, namely on PC. The messages that appeared in-game have expressed, "Titanfall 1 is being attacked so is Apex." Respawn has publicly responded to the problem on social media and has said that it is looking into resolving it. As of this writing, a permanent fix has not come about.

The notifications also happen to promote a website called SaveTitanfall.com. When visiting the site, you're quickly greeted by a message that outlines this group's attempt to make Titanfall a more hospitable game for all. "Titanfall is a beloved franchise by many, and hacker issues have been at rise. The Titanfall community has been begging Respawn to fix this issue for over three years, but to no avail," the message states on the front page of the website. "Today this game is still being sold, while being completely unplayable. It's time we speak up."

Overall, this is a situation where two wrongs don't make a right. Even if the original Titanfall does still have problems with hackers, aiming to take down Apex Legends for some players is just a bad way to go about fixing the problem. Instead, all this is going to do is make both fans and those at Respawn frustrated with this plight. There absolutely has to be a better way of going about all of this compared to hacking Apex Legends.

For now, it's not known how this situation might end up resolving but we'll be sure to keep you up to date if anything else major transpires with this story.

So what do you make of this strange scenario? And have you run into any of these problems today for yourself within Apex Legends? Let me know either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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