Apex Legends Reveals Newcastle's Abilities

05/05/2022 11:07 am EDT

Apex Legends players recently got their first look at the game's newest Legend, Newcastle, in one of the trailers for Season 13, and now, we know exactly what the character is capable of. He's a defensive Legend motivated to protect those around him both inside and outside of the Apex Games, an ideal which translates to his gameplay by allowing him to jump to the aid of his fellow teammates whenever they're in danger and even when they're downed.

By piecing together fragments of leaks and some of the Newcastle action shown in recent cinematics, players may have been able to discern what some of Newcastle's abilities would look like. Respawn Entertainment discussed them in full this week after showing them off at a preview event for Season 13 previously. You can find each of his abilities described below to show what they do in full.

Passive: Retrieve the Wounded

Tactical: Mobile Shield

Ultimate: Castle Wall

During the preview event, it was shown that Newcastle's Mobile Shield could repel certain projectiles, but given that it's an Energy Shield, it won't block player movement similar to how Gibby's shield works. For those looking to counter Newcastle's defensive kit, the developers recommended someone like Maggie who could burn through his shields with her Tactical or those like Bangalore and Gibby who can skirt around his defenses by attacking from above.

Apex Legends Season 13 and Newcastle are scheduled to release on May 10th.

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