Death Trash is the Puke-Filled RPG That Fallout Fans Need to Check Out

01/13/2018 08:31 pm EST

Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch are all platforms we talk about a lot - and for good reason! Each one provides an amazing gaming experienced tailored to the player. As a primarily PC gamer myself, sometimes there are just games I come across that are just too weird not to share. Cue this puke-filled, trash-talking, science fiction horror game that is the perfect blend of old school style, and punk rock adventure. Welcome to Death Trash.

According to Death Trash's official website:

"Generations after the Great Galactic War, civilization rises again on Tauris V and the age-old power struggle of factions about resources, influence and beliefs begins anew. But this time the Ancients are freed from their shackles and the Evergrowing Heart pounds for the Flesh Hive. You are the key to solving or escalating this conflict..."

The game is described as a post-apocalyptic RPG that's like Fallout, but with a delightful touch of retro styled gaming. Just hope you're not squeemish with profanity, because the F bomb gets dropped a lot and at very hilarious times. "A world of cyberpunk, science fiction, horror, the grotesque and trash talk humor," boasts the creators and really - it's kind of the best thing ever.

Players can customise their character through stats, make friends, play co-op, make good (bad) choices; the gameplay experience offers a lot of freedom for players, which is an aspect that makes many games, again - like Fallout, special and worthy of becoming fan favourites.

Death Trash is currently shooting for a 2017 release date for PC, but they are interested in looking at other platforms in the future as well.

More features include:

Other than the "when it's done" placeholder, there isn't a release date set but you can check out their site here for more updates. Believe me, I will keep you posted when this beautiful masterpiece goes live.

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