'Dungeons & Dragons' First 2019 Book Will Have Nautical Themes

01/04/2019 04:09 pm EST

Dungeons & Dragons will be getting wet with their first publication release of 2019.

Nathan Stewart and Kate Welch confirmed today on D&D's Twitch channel that their upcoming book would have at least some nautical themes. The new publication is scheduled for a Spring 2019 release.

While no title or details were revealed on Stewart and Welch's monthly Twitch show, Welch did show off four mock covers, each of which featured different water-themed titles like "Under the Sea" and "Long Walk, Short Plank" as well as covers showing off different nautical or sea-themed artwork. Most of the cover art was a joke, but one did use official Wizards of the Coast art of a sea serpent, which we used for this article's header.

A description on all four books read "Everything you need to float your boat for the world's greatest roleplaying game." Although the reveal was lighthearted, ComicBook.com confirmed that the teases weren't entirely a joke and that the upcoming book would have at least some nautical elements.

Interestingly, the D&D team released a playtest late last year titled "Ships & the Sea" which was about exploration and roleplaying options on a boat. The playtest included roles that players could take on while sailing, as well as rules for controlling ships. The most interesting part of the new rules were that boats were given their own monster statblocks, complete with Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution scores. Given the recency of that playtest, we wouldn't be surprised if the new rules were featured in this upcoming product.

Stewart also confirmed that the D&D team planned to release three projects in 2019, including releases planned for the spring, summer, and fall. The game's new adventure will also be revealed at a now annual streaming event that will be held in Los Angeles in May.

The new book, according to Welch, is at the final editors and will likely be sent to the printer in February. We'll likely get an official announcement about the next Dungeons & Dragons book soon.

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