Marvel's Avengers Operations Will Add New Villains and Enemies

10/24/2020 12:24 pm EDT

Marvel’s Avengers players hungry for new content and new factions, bosses, and enemy variants to fight will be happy to hear that all of that is coming in the game’s future. Crystal Dynamics head of Studio Scot Amos addressed the topic in a Q&A session following an update from the developers which addressed the state of the game and announced that the Kate Bishop expansion had been delayed. It’s through expansions like that where we’ll see new antagonists added to the game for players to do battle with.

Amos teased some of what’s to come in response to players’ questions which were fielded in the video below. A player asked if there was any chance of things like seasonal events taking place with unique modes and other content. Amos said the priority right now is getting the game to where it needs to be which means addressing things affecting the game negatively. After that’s taken care of, we’ll see more of the new content players are hoping for added to Marvel’s Avengers.

“So, we are rolling pieces out there, but we’re really anxious to get the current state of the game where it needs to be,” Amos said. “With anything affecting players in any way negatively, that’s our first place to go. And then, we will get to new villains, new places, new gear, and even some special events that we have planned for the future that will be exciting.”

A few minutes after that, another question from a player addressed the topic of the bad guys again and asked if villains like Taskmaster and enemy types like the AIM constructs will be the only kinds of enemies and villains we see in Marvel’s Avengers. Amos recalled some of the other antagonists players find like Abomination and MODOK and said players will get a better sense of how things are leading towards “something bigger” in expansions like Kate Bishop’s Operation.

“At the moment, yep, AIM are the bad guys who are causing trouble, certainly have Taskmaster and all of his bad henchmen, Abomination has well. But again, new villains and new bosses are coming and as we get to the larger expansions, you will see much different enemies showing up, so we’re very excited to start pushing down those directions to share with you guys because we know you’ve killed many, many robots, so we definitely want to give you some new stuff to kill.”

Kate Bishop’s expansion may not have a release date, but it does have a release timeframe, so players will hopefully experience the new hero and all those new enemy variants sooner rather than later.

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