Report: Halo, Gears of War, Cuphead, and More Coming to Nintendo Switch

02/23/2019 11:12 pm EST

According to a new report, not only is Xbox Game Pass coming to Nintendo Switch, but some of Microsoft's biggest franchises and previous releases will directly release on the system as well.

French outlet Jeuxvideo is the latest to confirm that Nintendo and Xbox are teaming up in big fashion this year, following Game Informer and Direct-Feed Games. However, the French website also provides further details into what the collaboration will entail.

According to Jeuxvideo, not only is Xbox Game Pass coming to the system, but Microsoft will release some of its first-party games directly onto the hyrbid console. This is something that Direct-Feed Games originally reported, but it only made note of Ori and the Blind Forest.

If Jeuxvideo's new report is to be believed though, alongside Ori and the Blind Forest, the other first game to come to the system will be Cuphead, 2017's indie hit from StudioMDHR. Further, apparently Microsoft is planning to bring some of its biggest franchises -- Forza, Gears of War, or Halo -- over to the Nintendo Switch, or at least is in discussions with Nintendo about it.

Jeuxvideo also notes there is particular interest in bringing Rare's games over given the history between Nintendo and the developer. Additionally, the outlet notes that none of its sources have mentioned Scalebound, which, according to a recent rumor, has been resurrected as a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

Of course, as always, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt. We are very much in the rumor and report weeds at this point, and who knows what's true and what's inaccurate or simply being conjured up. That said, as the saying goes: where there is smoke there's fire, and there's plenty of smoke at this point.

It seems more likely than not Microsoft will bring Xbox Game Pass to the Nintendo Switch, and maybe some of its smaller first-party titles. But will we see the bigger Xbox franchises, such as Halo, on the system beyond Game Pass? That, I'm not so sure off.

Anyway, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think is happening. Are Microsoft and Nintendo about to team up? If so, when will we hear about it?

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