3DS Style Pikachu Meme Goes Viral For Speaking The Truth

11/08/2018 11:16 am EST

The "pretends to be shocked" meme of Pikachu has been going viral since the *gasp* image made its way online, but one Pokemon fan decided to recreate the face of shock and awe and render it in a 3DS style. Turns out, it looks super crisp!

The 3D model turned out pretty stunning, actually. As for how the 3D art came into being, the artist mentioned "I used the Pokémon X textures as reference, and made the new mouth and nose. I literally traced the meme mouth and made it look like Pokémon x. The eyes are from Pokémon x." He also mentioned that he uses Blender, which is free, since so many Redditors flocked to ask what kind of program he used.

When the meme becomes a meme and then becomes a glorious meme, beautiful things happen. As for the popular Pikachu reaction meme itself, enjoy some of these beauts:

Our beloved Pikachu first made his animated debut back in 1997 and from there, the love for this adorable pocket monster grew. In a random turn of events, a "shocked" screen grab from the 90s anime has made its rounds on the internet and as you can see, quickly went viral.

Still, the 3DS styling of the 90s style looks incredible and we will never turn down Pikachu memes. They are just so gosh darn cute!

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