Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Player Creates the Best Anti-Vehicle Montage

A Call of Duty: Modern Warfare player who appears to be just completely and totally fed up with getting blasted by vehicles in Ground War has given the community an incredible demolition montage that shows them taking down all manners of vehicular transportation. The player shared the video for other Modern Warfare players to see and said they’d taken it upon themselves to be a demolitions expert in Ground War to take care of all the pesky vehicles that fill the mode.

The player in question goes by the Reddit username “blego” and shared the video below within the Modern Warfare subreddit. Appropriately set to the tune of Limp Bizkit’s “Break Stuff,” the video consists of nearly three minutes of obliterating vehicle after vehicle in Ground War. It’s a cathartic experience for anyone’s who’s long been over the prevalence of vehicles that roam the insides and perimeters of the Ground War maps.

Given the current strength of Vehicles in Ground War, I've taken it upon myself to fill the Demolition role in every match. It ain't much, but it's honest work from r/modernwarfare

For those wondering what was going on with the ATVs in the video, the vehicles don’t actually blow up tanks just by plowing into them, so don’t try that in your games. The player said in the comments that they’d recreated “an old Battlefield classic” by attaching C4 to the ATV and then sending it flying into the other vehicles before detonating it to cause an impressive chain explosion.

The creator of the video also provided details about their loadouts when asked in the comments so that other players may become demolition experts if they choose that righteous path.

“Basically two of the same setups using your choice of primary, RPGs, Double Time, Ghost, Shrapnel, and Stims,” the player said when asked what their class setup was. “The only difference between the two is one class uses C4 while the other uses Thermite.”


Ground War and many other game modes in Modern Warfare are mostly filled with snipers and campers at this point anyway, so seeing any type of alternate gameplay montages like this one is a refreshing. It helps that it’s full of massive explosions directed at the vehicles that plague on-foot players so frequently.

Modern Warfare just got a new update recently that added Gun Game to the mix. More Spec Ops missions are also in the game thanks to the latest patch.

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