‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Dev: Current Gen Consoles Still Have a Lot of Power

Even though there’s a lot of talk right now about what’s to be expected from the PlayStation 5 and the next iteration of Xbox, that doesn’t mean this generation of consoles should just be cast aside. They’re capable of quite a bit, and CD Projekt Red, the developers behind the forthcoming Cyberpunk 2077, reiterated that strength in a recent interview.

GamingBolt recently had the opportunity to speak with the game’s level designer, Miles Tost, about a few things surrounding it.

First up, Tost noted that, despite the forthcoming wave of new hardware, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One models still have a lot left in the tank. “Recently released titles have shown us that there’s still a lot of juice left in the current generation and I continue to be amazed by what’s being done.”

He continued, “Looking at the games released at the beginning of this generation and comparing them to some of the absolutely amazing looking recent titles, we can see quite an astonishing difference. Devs are a resourceful bunch -- we figure out new and better ways of using and optimizing tools we work with all the time.”

Considering that CD Projekt Red made optimization one of the early goals for Cyberpunk, it sounds like it’s ready to go all out to get the game to shine. However, it’s still unknown just when we’ll be getting it. Some rumors have indicated that the game will arrive sometime in 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, but that hasn’t been entirely confirmed yet.


More than likely, we’ll get a closer look at the game in the months ahead. Yes, even closer than the huge gameplay trailer that debuted a little while back after being showcased at E3. And it’s there we’ll see what the forthcoming project is really all about, and how it’s utilizing current gen tech to look pretty amazing. You can also watch the gameplay clip above, but set aside 48 minutes for it. Yep, there’s that much.

In the meantime, you can also read about the game’s “emergent” gameplay here and how it looks to change things for the long haul -- although that’ll probably just make you more excited for what’s to come. We'll get it soon enough.