‘Fortnite’ NFL Outfits Have Been Removed, Epic Games Responds

Remember just a few days ago when Epic Games scored a landmark deal with the National Football League to bring their official team uniforms to Fortnite? It was a huge deal at the moment -- but apparently nothing lasts forever.


A new announcement has popped up on the Fortnite Twitter page, indicating that the NFL costumes have already been removed from the shop, not even two weeks past their introduction. You can see the tweet for yourself below.

As for why the costumes have been removed, no one said for sure. There were some reports indicating that the League was displeased with some of the players mimicking kneeling within the game with the uniforms on -- something that has been a hot topic for debate during actual NFL contests. (At least, that’s what some community members thought.) You can see a couple of sample tweets that might have gotten the League’s attention:

However, Nick Chester, community manager for Epic Games, recently took to Twitter to address the controversy, when a fellow Twitter user confirmed that the outfits were gone. He said, “This is consistent with how we cycle every other skin into the game. No items stay in our store long term.”


That said, he didn’t note anything about when the outfits would be making a comeback. There’s a chance that Epic Games might introduce them around playoffs time in early 2019, although it’s unknown if any alterations will be made when they return.

Fortnite is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.