‘House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn' Finally Arrives, Gets New Launch Trailer

Earlier this year, Sega confirmed the news that, after a hiatus that went well over a decade, House of the Dead would be returning to arcades with a new entry, Scarlet Dawn. Well, we’ve waited long enough, and now it’s time to kill some zombies!

The new arcade game has begun making its arrival in Dave and Buster’s locations across the country, in a deluxe sized cabinet with room for two players, machine guns similar in nature to House of the Dead 4, and a zombie light-up creature on the backglass to startle onlookers checking out the action. It’s a pretty neat design, and one that’s sure to catch some attention, especially with Halloween right around the corner.

And we’ve got a better idea of what the game is about now, as a new trailer has debuted alongside the game, not only introducing us to the two characters that you’ll be playing as, but also giving us an idea of just what kind of undead nightmares we’re up against. And, yes, that apparently includes some kind of undead sea urchin.

The trailer begins with a glimpse of previous old characters from House of the Dead games that set events in motion, along with the latest one, a finicky billionaire of sorts who notes that humans will have to decide between extinction and evolution, providing a hint of what he’s looking for with his zombie outbreak. “I consider it to by truly about the human mind,” he notes. (Even though these things eat brains.)

We then see a dinner party in a fancy mansion, where a number of guests are thrown off by zombies that relentlessly attack out of nowhere. As you can see from the trailer, these zombies grow in numbers, forcing a pair of agents to take action in fighting back against them.

First up is AMS agent Ryan Taylor, who asks, “How you feel? Cool, yeah?” before we get a glimpse at one of the super-bosses in the game, Chariot, whose weak points are highlighted before you do battle with it.


Then we’re introduced to Ryan’s partner, AMS agent Kate Green, who notes that “something has been released, all over the world.” From there, the battle between the agents and zombies begins, with the stakes continuing to get raised with each new stage.

You can play Scarlet Dawn at Dave and Buster’s locations now.