'Minecraft' Movie Gets Its Director

Following a delay back in August of last year for the film adaptation of Microsoft's Minecraft, it looks like the movie is back on track now that it has filled its director shoes with Peter Sollett at the helm.

According to Variety, Sollett will be taking the reigns on Warner Bros. latest movie alongside Vertigo's Roy Lee and Jon Berg as the film's producers. Jill Messick is also still credited as a producer for the movie, despite their tragic passing back in February.

For those that are fans of the Microsoft hit, Mojang is still on board as well with creative oversight as Jon Spaiht also joins the ranks as an executive producer.

As for the movie itself, the latest adaptation will honor the wildly popular Mojang game with a narrative that will follow a teenage young girl as she goes on a quest up against an Ender Dragon with her ragtag group of friends in hopes to save the blocky world from impending doom.


It's good to see this project land a new director, it's been a rocky road since 2014 with many different names becoming attached to the project. Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts were abound and it seemed that the film might have been doomed from the start. Hopefully Sollett's appointment will get everything back on track and the show can literally go on.

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