‘Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission’ Coming To the U.S. This April For Nintendo Switch and PC

After drumming up a huge amount of attention on the international front, it looks like the Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission card game for Nintendo Switch is ready to dish out the action on these shores!

During today’s Dragon Ball livestream on Bandai Namco’s Twitch channel, the company showcased a new trailer for the card game (not the arcade game), featuring a number of characters in action, between gameplay footage with the cards, as well as anime-style cinemas that will no doubt piece the action together.

During the trailer (which you can see above), we’re introduced to a new gray-ish character named Sealas who puts some DBZ characters in their place with his staff weapon. More than likely, he’ll be the main villain for the game, though you never know who else will likely show up.

The game will feature full on 7-versus-7 battles against other players, including over 1,160 cards across 10 sets, so you’ll always have someone new that you’ll be able to add to the deck. 350 characters are scattered across this battle, which makes this the most stacked Dragon Ball game ever in terms of content.

Here’s the story from our previous coverage, in case you missed it:

A world where the super warriors that once flourished are now treated as heroes. A card game based on the legendary warriors developed by Capsule Corporation is the latest craze.

People call it “Super Dragon Ball Heroes.”

The town where “Super Dragon Ball Heroes” is so popular is called Hero Town. A boy named Beat, who visits this town for the first time, is captivated by the “Super Dragon Ball Heroes” tournament shown on the video display in town.

This is the story of a boy, from his first encounter with “Super Dragon Ball Heroes” up until his becoming of a “Hero.”

The game will have a heaping amount of content to choose from; and now that it’s being fully localized, fans of both the anime and card games in general will be able to enjoy it. We’ll have more information on the game in the weeks ahead.


Super Dragon Ball Heroes arrives on April 5, 2019 for Nintendo Switch and PC!

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