New PlayStation Live-Action Trailer Celebrates Upcoming Releases

Team PlayStation has been sitting comfortably at the top of the charts for awhile now and to celebrate their recent accomplishment of more than 63.3 million units sold, Sony has decided to release a new live-action trailer for upcoming games.

In the live-action trailer seen above, Call of Duty: World War 2, Star Wars Battlefront 2, and God of War all get the real life treatment. Fans of any of those upcoming titles in well-known franchises get a chance to see what these in-game counterparts look like in the every day world.

The quality of the video is impressive, despite its short length. Seeing a determined platoon soldiers as they are pinned down in Call of Duty WWII, to seeing a Rebel base under fire in Battlefront 2 - the video is meant to inspire a different type of hype for the upcoming releases planned for the PlayStation camp. You can even see Atreus, the newly introduced son, with his father in a God of War IRL adaptation.

All three of these titles are highly anticipated in their own right. From the adventurous spirit ready for supernatural challenges beyond imagination; God of War is the perfect title to quench that thirst. With a different direction from its predecessors, and the implementation of the son Atreus, the next phase for this beloved series is something that has a lot of long-time fans interested to see what's in store once the title releases.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is also something that many Star Wars fans are looking forward to. After its recent predecessor, many were disappointed to see that there was no actual story and that the multiplayer aspects were extremely lacking. The next phase for the Battlefront franchise promises to go "back to their roots" a little bit, as with the CoD WW2 title, and bring back an enriched narrative to flesh out these beloved characters that Star Wars fans have come to know and respect.


With the Call of Duty upcoming release, a team of historians worked with Sledgehammer to provide a historically accurate, and controversial, campaign for FPS fans. With an incredibly detailed story, several playable characters with personalities all their own, and more - this might just be the perfect comeback title for the franchise.

PlayStation 4 is available now as the standard edition, the PS4 Pro, and the slim.