ARMS Announces The Well-Polished Puncher Max Brass As Its First DLC Character

ARMS just hit shelves yesterday and, as such, most players are still coming to grips with the Switch exclusive’s core roster of 10 fighters, but that isn’t stopping Nintendo from hyping the game’s first big addition. In one of the final Treehouse Live @ E3 2017 streams, Nintendo unveiled ARMS’ first DLC character, Max Brass.

Brass isn’t an entirely new character, as you encounter him during the ARMS single-player campaign, but you’ll soon be able to actually play as him. Max Brass is the greatest champion in the history of ARMS Grand Prix and parades around in armor made of past title belts. Oh, and apparently, he’s literally bronzed himself. This guy could use a little humility punched into him.

In terms of abilities, Max Brass looks like a fairly traditional fighter, with his main power being the ability to resist flinching when punched. His arms also become permanently charged if he drops below 25 percent health. You can watch Max Brass in action in the video, at the top of this post (skip to approximately the 24-minute mark to check him out).

Max Brass will be added to ARMS sometime in July. This will be ARMS’ second content update, as the game will be getting a spectator mode later this month. Much like Splatoon before it, all ARMS DLC content will free of charge. Hopefully Nintendo keeps up this brisk monthly update schedule.


WWG’s own Matthew Hayes found ARMS to be “an approachable and endlessly-deep new take on the fighting game genre” that’s “colorful, rich in detail, and fun to play online and with your friends using both control scheme.” Check out the full review, right here.

ARMS is exclusively available for the Nintendo Switch.