'Batman Arkham' Studio Job Posting Hints At a New Game Reveal Coming Soon

The team over at Warner Bros. Montreal have dropped many teasers that a new Batman title is on the way for this year including a recent string of hints about a possible Court of Owls game. Now it looks like the team might be gearing up for an official reveal soon, at least according to some changes over on the studio's site.

Job listings are a pretty easy way to get misinformation, mostly due to the fact that they rarely give the whole picture for containment purposes. Still, new listings have been spotted that focus heavily on marketing and promotion, which is leaving fans wondering if this means a huge promo push is on the way ahead of E3.

The three specific new listings include a Lead Brand Artist, a Senior User Researcher, and the telling Promo Artist. According to Rocksteady, "The role will primarily involve the creation of very high quality trailers and promotional video assets using a combination of captured gameplay footage, composited 3D and special effects and other film production components and techniques. Your promotional videos will form a central component of the global marketing campaign for a very high profile, triple-A game franchise, so an understanding of branding is essential as is an interest in all forms of creative communication. A love of video games is also a plus!"


Since the team hasn't at all been shy about them working on a mysterious new title with many heavy Batman-centric teasers, it does seem to be likely that a full reveal could be imminent, perhaps with a full trailer in June at E3. Though there are a few showcases between now and then, it does seem likely that E3 would be the place of the big debut -- especially given Sony's decision to pull out of the showcase this year, leaving a vacuum behind for studios to fill.

Could we finally be getting a reveal? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below, or hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy! You can also check out our previous coverage here to catch up on some of the other Batman hints.