Bungie Addresses Eververse - "I Know I Sound Like A Broken Record"


The team over at Bungie just can't catch a break. Every week it seems like there are new reports of player backlash, that turns into Bungie making a statement, turns to more backlash, turns to hotfix to fix the issue, turns into another fan backlash. The ride for Destiny 2 since launch has been a rocky one, that's for sure, despite many thoroughly the game and its increased narrative since the first installment.

Bungie has already addressed the viral campaign to #RemoveEververse, the game's store where players shell out IRL cash for the chance of rare loot, but now we have an updated statement from the team that those changes are on the way as they continue to take in the feedback.

Since day one, Bungie has been incredibly involved in their community with constant communication, forum participation, and thorough weekly updates. It's a good sign to continue seeing them do this, especially with the latest leak online showcasing another huge expansion on the way.

But not all feedback has been negative, and it's important to note that many players are enjoying the shooter's sequel. Here are a few responses to the initial Tweet:

Not yet caught up on the latest controversy surrounding the MMO? Here's the breakdown from our previous coverage:

Once more Bungie implements something, only to have it cycle back into fan outrage which will then turn into an apology and a promise to fix. Popular YouTuber Jim Sterling made his own video outcry about the outrageous escalation of Bungie's reliance on microtransactions, while also supplying a painfully accurate life cycle of the popular MMO shooter:


It seems The Dawning has backfired woefully, and players are not having it. A new forum has popped up demanding that the Eververse Trading Company, the ware house that exchanges IRL currency for luck-drawn gear drops, be taken down completely from the game. Instead of earning seasonal gear organically like many other games, Dawning Engrams are purchasable from Miss Tess in order to tempt players into spending even more money on content that should be earnable in this type of game, especially so for a timed event.

Streamer Gothalion took to his own channel to discuss the problem with the shaders, and how Bungie is completely mishandling their use of microtransactions and how in-game currency works: