Destiny 2 Players Launch "RemoveEververse" Forum In Response To Holiday Event Paywall

eververse cancelled

Destiny 2 has officially kicked off its holiday event this year, The Dawning, and though it brings some awesome seasonal drops - it turns out that most of them are locked behind a paywall. New armor, weaponry, and more can be found in between snowball fights and events, but the chances of actually getting the drops are so unbelievably rare that unless you're willing to pay Tess Everis at the Eververse some IRL cash in exchange for engrams, you're kind of out of luck.

Once more Bungie implements something, only to have it cycle back into fan outrage which will then turn into an apology and a promise to fix. Popular YouTuber Jim Sterling made his own video outcry about the outrageous escalation of Bungie's reliance on microtransactions, while also supplying a painfully accurate life cycle of the popular MMO shooter:

destiny cycle

It seems The Dawning has backfired woefully, and players are not having it. A new forum has popped up demanding that the Eververse Trading Company, the ware house that exchanges IRL currency for luck-drawn gear drops, be taken down completely from the game. Instead of earning seasonal gear organically like many other games, Dawning Engrams are purchasable from Miss Tess in order to tempt players into spending even more money on content that should be earnable in this type of game, especially so for a timed event.

Streamer Gothalion took to his own channel to discuss the problem with the shaders, and how Bungie is completely mishandling their use of microtransactions and how in-game currency works:

As far as the #RemoveEververse campaign goes (as per the original post):

Many of you have your heart in the right place and believe these multi million dollar companies need to add new revenue streams to survive modern game development, but the numbers just don't fit that narrative.

Let's look at some numbers shall we?

Destiny 2's publisher's (Activision) total assets are worth $17.452 billion.

Not sure what Destiny 2's developer (Bungie) is worth, but just their website is estimated to be worth 91,000,000.

The lowest paid Bungie software designer makes $80,000.

Hell Bobby Kotick (Activision's CEO) is worth $2,000,000,000 by himself. How many engrams you think he's bought?


This company doesn't need Eververse to feed themselves. It's purely greed.

No response from Bungie as of yet, but this forum is quickly gaining traction so we can expect a full breakdown from the publishers soon.